Why Do Labradors Sleep So Much?

Labrador sleeping on dog bed

Are you a new Labrador parent?

Then apart from your puppy’s cheerful, positive & smart nature, there’s one thing that might surprise you!

Yes, those laaazy & long hours of inevitable sleep your Labrador loves are hard to miss!

Labrador sleeping on dog bed

So, you might be wondering ‘why does my Labrador sleep so much?’

Well, don’t worry, it’s their natural behavior which might be associated with other factors like age, activity level, diet & health.

We, humans, need long & sound monophasic sleep (just like our monkey ancestors!)

So, those mid-afternoon naps, morning snores & evening snoozes might be a little surprise for you!

So, how can we get a fair idea about our Labrador’s sleep habits?

Let’s find out!

How Much Sleep Do Labradors Need A Day?

Though just like us humans, sleep needs in Labradors may vary from puppy to puppy there are some researches to give you a brief idea.

Little fact check:
According to a study, the average quantity of sleep your puppy or adult dog need in a day will be normally about 12 to 14 hours a day.

Older dogs love to sleep for more than 12 hours, and they’d love to take many naps during the day, but the weak bladder tends to disturb their sound sleep!

Similarly, larger dogs tend to indulge in more sleep time than smaller breeds just because they get tired easily & need more rest to gain power.


Why Does Your Labrador Sleep So Much?


Natural behavior

As strange as it may sound, all dogs have a natural tendency to sleep more than humans.

For a big pooch like a Labrador, twelve to fourteen hours are not only natural but necessary also. Puppies & old dogs might need a tad more than that!

A sound sleep & frequent naps during the day would help them grow & stay healthy, so let them sleep!


Compared to many smaller breeds, the lab is marginally a larger dog. So, they need more energy for growing from a puppy to a healthy one!

Also, older dogs get tired due to age, so rapid naps & long hours of sleep are needed to get the energy.

Besides, like us, every dog is different, so trying to aid them to stay healthy and pay attention to what seems to work for them.



Lots of inactivity & boredom may also lead to larger sleep spans.

When it comes to Labrador, Good exercise & lots of fun activities are a part of nature.

An hour of exercise, a long walk & a few games like fetch can be really helpful to avoid unhealthy sleep & maintain your dog’s fitness.


As we mentioned earlier ten to eleven hours of sleep is normal for Labradors.

But if your dog is sleeping more than that or has certainly started sleeping more after the change in diet, then nutritional imbalance or faulty diet may be the cause.

Depending on the circumstance, it might be eating much more or less than its needs or something it shouldn’t eat!

Also, make sure that the diet you’re following is not faulty & no one else is interfering with your Labrador’s diet!

Note: Be mindful & scheduled about the diet of your Labrador, you can take the help of your vet. Also, in case of unnatural sleep behavior of your Labrador, don’t forget to consult your vet.




Any sickness or some health issue can be a major reason behind tiredness, bad health & larger amounts of sleep as a result!

If your dog has started sleeping more all of a sudden & showing strange signs then it can be due to some illness; contact your local vet in certain conditions.


Activity level


Does your dog like to play, run or walk the whole day? Or your dog loves to spend the day sitting lazily & napping?

Level of activity can differ in every dog; deepening on their nature, age & many other facts.

The ideal approach, regardless of how active your dog is, is to spread out their exercise throughout the day.

Dogs usually desire numerous naps to recharge.

lab dog sleeping

Why Do Dogs Sleep More Than Humans?


Unlike humans, dogs have different sleep patterns.

Due to their erratic sleeping habits, dogs only spend about 10% of their sleep time in Deep sleep.

Due to boredom or inactivity, dogs have a tendency to fall asleep anytime. They wake up abruptly & get disturbed sleep as a result.

So, unlike humans, dogs need a larger amount of sleep hours to make up for their lost Deep sleep time.



Related Questions


Where do Labradors like to sleep?


Labradors can sleep outdoors but these friendly guys would love to sleep inside, with their families!

Also, sleeping outside is not safe for them always.

It’s not preferable to leave them in a cold & open outdoor atmosphere. If no choice is left then at least make sure they sleep in a warm, safe & comfortable shelter.


Can Labradors sleep on your bed?


It was a former belief that sleeping with your dog is not safe; well, that’s not the case!

But either way a separate crate or sleeping bed next to you would be better; both physically & emotionally!

Also, labrador puppies need to be potty trained, independent & obedient to you before choosing a sleepover with you!


What if my Lab isn’t sleeping much?


As discussed earlier 12-14 hours of sleep would be a healthy way for your labrador!

The hours might differ a little bit but if your dog gets his amount of sound sleep, looks healthy & stays happy then there’s not any issue!

But if your dog’s sleep has decreased abnormally then there might be some problems.

Lack of sleep in dogs indicates some underlying health issues & any kind of stress. Contacting your vet would be a good way to find out!


Final Thoughts


Now we know that dogs typically sleep for extended periods, so long hours of sleep are not a thing to worry about if your dog eats well, plays well & says well. Just like humans, dogs require restorative, deep sleep, and routine sleep interruptions can be a problem. So make sure your dog has a quiet place to sleep. Placing a crate in the house in a safe, comfortable & interruption-free area would be better for them. Adult dogs need a good balance of sleep & playtime, but when it comes to puppies and old dogs this changes a bit. They will take more hours of sleep or take long naps during the day. Your puppy will need that sleep to grow fast & old dogs will recharge their batteries with these naps. In any case, Making sure the Labradors sleep & nap will help you take care of them and help them grow and develop.


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