Should You Shave A Golden Retriever?

cute golden retriever dog

Your golden dog is shedding excessively and it frustrates you, right? Read on this post to know should you shave a golden retriever or not.

cute golden retriever dog

After dealing with excess shedding, you must be thinking about shaving off your dog.

So, should you shave a golden retriever?

No, it is not advisable to shave a golden retriever. As this is a double-coated dog breed, shaving can lead to irreparable damage to both coats. Besides coat damage, it can also result in many other problems.

Dog owners think that shaving would prevent shedding and also keep their pup cool. Well, this is not true. In fact, shaving a double-coated dog breed like a golden retriever can lead to many problems.

Consider shaving only when your veterinarian recommends it. In the situation when your dog has serious skin problems, your vet may recommend shaving.

Golden Retriever Double Coats

Golden Retrievers have double coats – smooth overcoat and fuzzy undercoat. Goldens’ overcoat works as a guard coat and provides protection against water and dirt. And their undercoat provides protection from weather conditions.

Double-coated dogs like golden retrievers are more prone to shedding as compared to single-coated dogs.

Golden Retriever

Because of double coats, your golden retriever will shed moderately all year around. The shedding level will get even higher two times a year – spring and fall. If you live in a hotter place, expect higher shedding.

Their coat stays cool in summer by shedding in the late spring. And during the late fall, they shed their lighter undercoat. Because of shedding, grooming requirements are also high. Thus, during shedding seasons, you have to pay more attention to grooming.

Reasons Not To Shave A Golden Retriever Dog

It’s not just about golden retrievers, any dog breed with double coats should never be shaved. Here are the reasons why:

It won’t stop shedding

Golden retrievers are fun-loving and sociable, but one of the major downsides is they shed so much. You will notice fur on the bedsheet, your clothes, and throughout the house. Proper maintenance and grooming can reduce shedding to some extent. The myth dog owners (mostly new) often have is shaving off will stop shedding. They get irritated with too much shedding and decide to clean-shave their pup. In reality, shaving won’t stop shedding. It will just make it more annoying. After shaving, your pup will start shedding short prickly hair rather than soft hair.

It won’t cool down

Many dog owners think that shaving would help the dog cool down. Unfortunately, it won’t. Goldens’ double coats don’t just protect them in the winter, but also keep them cool in the summer. There may be times when you feel your canine is feeling too hot. But, shedding isn’t the solution.

It may damage your dog’s coat permanently

By shaving, you are risking permanent damage to your dog’s coat. It can cause serious, irreversible damage to your pup’s fur. It may ruin the beautiful texture and appearance of the coat. Even after shaving, there’s no guarantee that hair will grow back. The older your golden retriever is, it’s improbable that his hair will grow back.

It can lead to skin damage and allergies

After shaving, your canine may have to deal with skin damage and skin allergies. You will be risking your dog for some serious skin problems like sunburn, skin irritation, and allergies.

Here’s What To Do Instead of Shaving Your Golden Retriever

In the previous section, we have seen a list of different reasons why shaving a golden retriever is not recommended. Here’s what you can do to keep your Golden’s coat healthy:


To keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy, brushing is something you should never neglect. Regular brushing is an effective way to manage excess shedding. With the right brush, you can remove dead hair and tangles from your pup’s coat.

It is advisable to brush at least 3 to 5 times a week. If your pup’s coat is more fluffy, you may need to brush it more often.

You will come across different types of dog brushes, including bristle brushes, pin brushes, slicker brushes, rubber brushes, de-shedding brushes, and undercoat rakes. For managing a golden retriever’s coat, you can consider using a slicker, de-shedding, and bristle brush.

Here’s the list of our hand-picked grooming brushes for Golden Retrievers


Just brushing is not enough. You need to provide regular bathing as well. Through brushing, you may not be able to remove all the dirt and parasites from the coat. This is when the importance of bathing comes in. Depending on your canine’s lifestyle and the amount of dirt on the coat, you can provide bathe once a week to once a month.


When it comes to coat care, you can’t neglect nutrition. Feeding the right food won’t completely stop shedding, however, it will improve coat health to a great extent. Besides poor coat health, the lack of proper nutrition can also lead to other problems like obesity, dandruff, allergies, etc. The right dog food has essential nutrients like protein, healthy fats, etc. These nutrients will improve coat health and make it shiny.

Here’s the complete guide on how to deal with excessive shedding.

Final Thoughts

The golden retriever is a double-coated dog breed that shouldn’t be shaved. You might be frustrated with higher shedding, but shaving is not the solution to this problem. By shaving, you aren’t reducing shedding or helping your canine cool down. In fact, you are exposing him/her to problems like sunburn, allergies, and coat damage.

By owning a golden retriever dog, shedding is something you have to deal with. There’s no way you can stop it completely. However, regular brushing, baths, and the right food can minimize shedding and improve coat health.


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