How Fast Can Golden Retrievers Run?

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Golden Retrievers are highly energetic and athletic. Only Goldie owners know how much daily exercise they need.

If you have an active lifestyle, this dog is perfect for you. You can maintain your and your canine healthy by going on runs and walks together.

Excited golden retriever

Outdoor activities like long walks, jogs, fetch play, “Tug of War,” etc. can healthily release the dog’s excess energy and keep him calm.

After all, it’s a retriever dog breed; it was bred to be a working dog. Due to plenty of energy, a Golden Retriever can be an amazing running companion.

But how fast is a Golden Retriever? Can it run faster than a human?

On average, adult Golden Retrievers can run at 25-30 miles per hour (40 to 48 kmph) speed. Many Golden Retrievers can even run at 35 mph (56 kmph) top speed. That’s a lot faster compared to the running speed of an average human, which is between 4 to 6 miles per hour (6.44 to 9.66 kmph).

Talking about younger Golden Retriever dogs, they can run at the speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour. If your pup is 6-8 months old, it’s not the right time for extended runs. It’s advisable to wait for at least a year before you train your dog to run.

Factors Affecting A Golden Retriever’s Speed

Several factors like age, health, etc. do affect a Golden Retriever’s running speed.

Golden retriever dog running on the beach


The speed will vary depending on whether it’s a young, adult, or senior Golden Retriever. A young Golden dog can run up to 20 to 25 mph speed, while an adult Golden Retriever dog has a running speed of between 25 to 30 mph. Depending on the endurance, some can run at 35 mph top speed.

If you have a puppy, it’s not advisable to take it out for intense runs. An age lesser than 12 months is quite young for intense exercise. During puppyhood, bones are still developing. Extended runs can cause joint and bone problems.

As the Golden Retriever ages and gets old, it starts to slow down. It won’t be able to run at the same speed as earlier.

In short, adulthood is when Golden Retrieves have the potential to run fastest.


Any health condition can also impact the dog’s running speed. A healthy adult Golden Retriever can run at a speed of 30 to 35 mph. Health problems like obesity, hip dysplasia, heart disease, arthritis, etc. can slow down a dog.

If you notice your Goldie running slowly, there might be a health issue. In such a situation, instead of encouraging your canine to run faster, take him to the veterinarian.

Endurance level

Golden Retrievers are highly energetic; they were bred to work. Stamina level may vary from one dog to another, depending on the regular diet and activity. Plenty of regular exercises and high-quality dog food is what Goldens need to be happy and healthy.

Lack of adequate exercise and poor-quality dog food can make your pooch overweight. As a result, he won’t be able to run as quickly as an average adult Golden should.

Strenuous exercise won’t just keep your canine in shape, but will also improve his top running speed and ability to cover long distances.

Golden Retriever Running Speed

We can divide this section based on the dog’s life stages.

Two golden retrievers running

Puppy Golden Retriever Speed

Golden Retriever puppies should not be trained for running. During puppyhood, their bones are still in the growth stage. Taking out for runs can cause joint and bone problems. Wait until it becomes at least one year old. Sometimes, one year may seem still young. In that case, start training once it becomes 18 months old.

Adult Golden Retriever Speed

While young Golden Retrievers can run at 20 to 25 mph speed, Adult Golden Retrievers are a bit faster. They have higher endurance and can run super fast. On average, they can run at 30 mph top speed, which is a lot faster than Usain Bolt. When Usain Bolt set his 100-meter world record, he was running at a speed of 22.9 mph.

Senior Golden Retriever Speed

As the Golden Retriever ages, it slows down. It won’t be able to run as fast as he used to during his adulthood. This is the time you should stop taking him out for long-distance runs.

How Far Can Golden Retrievers Run?

Now you know that Goldens are great runners and can easily outrun a human, the question is how far they can run?

Well, it differs from one Golden dog to another (depending on the endurance level, training provided, etc.), but on average, the adult Golden Retriever can run 3-4 miles (5-6.5 km), and a maximum of 6-8 miles (10-13 km).

To improve endurance level, ability to run long distances, and top running speed, start training early. Once your pup becomes at least 1 year old, it can go on high-intensity activities like running.

Golden retriever dog running with a girl

Related Questions

Is running bad for Golden Retrievers?

Nope, running isn’t bad for Golden Retrievers. In fact, they enjoy it and they can be the best running companions. Due to their high-energy and outgoing nature, they are always ready for physical activities like long-distance running, long walks, and playtime.

Running can be bad for Golden Retrievers when they run too much as a puppy or elderly. And, also when they are suffering from a health condition.

Are Golden Retrievers good hiking dogs?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are the best hiking dogs. They are highly active. Due to its high endurance level and fun-loving nature, you would definitely enjoy going on long hikes with this dog.

Are Golden Retrievers good off-leash?

Yes, they are great off-leash when trained properly. They are obedient and intelligent, so training isn’t going to be stressful.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers are active, fun-loving, and sociable dogs. With plenty of energy and high exercise needs, it is definitely not the right pooch for lazy owners.

Though Golden Retriever isn’t the fastest breed alive (Greyhound is the fastest dog breed in the world), it’s still a lot faster than the average human. In fact, even with its average speed (30 mph), it can outrun Usain Bolt.

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