What Size Crate for a Golden Retriever Puppy?

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A golden retriever puppy needs the correct size crate to ensure their safety and comfort. The size of a crate you need for your golden retriever puppy is determined by their age, weight, and size. In this blog post, we will discuss the different sizes of crates available, as well as how to measure your pup for the perfect fit.


Crate Sizes for a Golden Retriever Puppy
When choosing the right size crate for your golden retriever puppy, there are several options available. Generally speaking, these are broken down into small (for puppies up to 20 pounds), medium (for puppies up to 40 pounds), large (for puppies up to 70 pounds), and extra-large (for puppies over 70 pounds). It is important to choose the correct size so that your pup feels comfortable and secure in their crate.


Measuring Your Pup for the Perfect Fit
Now that you know what size crate you should be looking for, its time to measure your pup for the perfect fit. To do this, measure your pups height from head-to-toe while they are standing on all fours. Then measure them from nose-to-tail while they are lying down. Finally, measure their width across their chest while they are standing on all fours. Once you have these measurements, compare them to the recommended sizes provided by the manufacturer of each crate type.



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