How to Tell if Your Golden Retriever Puppy is Getting Darker

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Have you ever noticed that your golden retriever puppy seems to be getting darker as it grows older? It can be hard to tell, but the truth is that many breeds of puppies, including golden retrievers, do get slightly darker in color as they age. Lets take a closer look at why this occurs and how to tell if your pup is getting darker.


The Color Change in Golden Retrievers
Golden retrievers are born with a light-colored coat which gradually darkens as they grow older. This process typically begins around 18 months or so, when their adult fur starts growing in. Generally speaking, the color change is gradual and subtle, although some goldens may get noticeably darker over time. The changes tend to occur most prominently around the muzzle and ears.


When Does the Color Change Stop?
Most golden retrievers reach their adult coloration by the time they are 2 years old. However, there are some instances where a pups coat may continue to darken for up to 5 years! In any case, its important to remember that this color change is normal and should not be cause for alarm. After all, theres nothing more beautiful than a full-grown golden retriever with its luxurious coat of gold and white fur!



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