How Much Sleep Do Golden Retriever Puppies Need?

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If you have adopted a golden retriever puppy, you may be wondering how much sleep they need. While puppies of any breed may seem to sleep more than adult dogs, golden retrievers have specific sleep requirements that should be considered when caring for them. Lets take a closer look at the sleeping habits of golden retriever puppies and what it means for their owners.


Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep Patterns
Golden retriever puppies, like all other puppies, require a lot of sleep to grow and remain healthy. Generally speaking, golden retriever puppies will need about 18-20 hours of sleep per day. This is significantly more than an adult dog who only needs about 14 hours of sleep each day. This means that when your puppy is awake, they will likely be very active and full of energy!


Its important to remember that golden retrievers are not nocturnal animals; they should not be kept up late into the night. A puppy’s body clock tends to follow the sun’s schedule they are programmed to wake up early in the morning and become sleepy as night falls. So if your pup isn’t settling down at night, it could mean that something is off with their sleep pattern.


Creating A Consistent Sleep Schedule
Just like humans, dogs benefit from having a consistent bedtime routine and sticking to it every night. This helps your pup anticipate when its time for bed and settle down more quickly as well as stay asleep throughout the night. You can create an effective bedtime routine by offering your pup some playtime or exercise before lights out followed by one last trip outside to use the bathroom before snuggling up in their crate or designated sleeping area with a chew toy or blanket for comfort.

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